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How to Place an Order

The first step is to contact a Green Crescent project manager in order to get a formal quote. If our quote is approved, we will issue you a project number. Please click here to receive a free quote using our online submission form.

Please include information about your project such as:

  • Language pair - the language(s) of the "source" text and the "target" language(s) into which you would like the source text translated.
  • Turn around time - a typical translator can produce between 1,500 to 3,500 words per day. Rush projects bear an additional cost.
  • Source file format - Microsoft Office software is the industry standard. Green Crescent can work with virtually any format, though this may bear an additional cost. If your project has a complex design, providing the design files will save time and money. Scanned texts or image files from which text cannot be extracted are generally the most time consuming and costly formats.
  • Design and formatting - Green Crescent offers services in desktop publishing and design. Often additional formatting time or design work is required to reproduce the "look" of the original.
  • Target market - who is the individual or group that will read the translation? For example, a Spanish translation intended for Spain should not be translated by a Mexican translator and vice-versa.
  • End use - what are the goals of the translation? Do you want to get the gist of an email you received? Do you need to publish something on a large scale?Green Crescent can taylor a translation to your needs and save you money. Click here to read more about pricing and the translation process.