Pricing & Services

Green Crescent can customize our translation services to the requirements of your project and your budget. Not only can we put our vast talent pool of professional linguists at your disposal, our project managers are consummate professionals with more than a decade of experience in implementing optimal practices. Green Crescent can take care of all of your language communication needs at fraction of the cost of in-house production.

When making a decision to expend valuable resources on a translation, it is essential to begin with one basic premise: translation is not a commodity but a professional service performed by highly-trained professionals with specialized skills. While many firms or even freelancers can get the job done, getting the job done well is where our experience really counts.

How much will my translation cost?

There are many variables that contribute to the cost of a translation. These include subject matter, language pair, turn around time, formatting and design requirements, language memory requirements, target market, and end use. When considering a translation, one should always attempt to strike the proper balance between cost and the level of quality required to achieve one's goals. In as much, Green Crescent offers several basic levels of service from which to choose:

Simple Translations Translation whose goal is basic communication. These are translations performed by a single translator without the assistance of an editor or proofreader and should not be considered a polished work or publishable, though they are typically of very high quality. These translations are ideal for office use, personal letters, email, or as a first draft of work that will later be edited. Rates start at $0.08 USD per word in select language pairs.
Standard Translations Such translations proceed with the goal of producing a high quality translation for use in most normal circumstances such as official business correspondence, websites, reports, presentations, and similar texts. These translations are performed by a minimum of two translators and are translated, edited, and carefully proofread. Rates start at $0.14 USD per word in select language pairs.
Business Critical Translations These are translations where perfection is an absolute must. This option is recommended for texts that are to be published on a large scale, for texts that contain highly specialized language, or texts that must be localized for audiences outside of the mainstream. In brief, these are translations that cannot be performed by generalists alone, but require translators with specialized knowledge of the subject matter, defined areas of expertise, and extra quality control steps. Medical, legal, and technical texts as well as culturally sensitive marketing and business communications normally fall into this category. Such translation work requires not only editing and proofing, but most often language validation by one or more area experts. Rates start at $0.20 USD per word in select language pairs.
Minimum Fee Green Crescent changes a minimum fee of $75.00 USD for all projects however small. This fee can be reduced or waived for regular clients.

Miscellaneous Tasks

Tasks such as updating translations, certain varieties of proofreading, data entry and other intangibles are billed hourly at previously agreed to rates.

Additional Language Services

In addition to translation, Green Crescent offers a variety of other language services in such areas as interpretation, transcription, website design and development, and desktop publishing.


Volume discounts are available for large projects and long-term clients as well as for non-profits, charities, NGOs and governmental organizations. We also offer discounts in exchange for crediting Green Crescent with links from your website.