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Technical Translation

Many think that "technical" simply means "special" in the sense that a special vocabulary is involved, requiring a translator to understand a specific field of study or a craft. Usually the term is understood not to be the same as "Legal Translation" or "Medical Translation," which are really specialties of their own.

But translators must understand the term "technical" to include an additional feature besides special vocabulary. It also imposes a high standard of accuracy on the translator. Unlike political, journalistic or literary writing, technical writing uses words with far greater precision. Connotations of words are irrelevant. Denotations are very narrowly defined. While "synonyms" can sometimes work well in non-technical texts, they are dangerous in technical translations. Words simply have extremely precise meanings and must be translated exactly, regardless of the field or subject matter involved.

Why technical translation requires more care than common translation tasks.

Because of the discipline imposed by highly precise translation, Green Crescent works with translators who are not only experienced linguists, but also educated and knowledgeable in the subject matter in question. Additional language vetting and the creating of technical glossaries are often required.

How Green Crescent Translations succeeds in technical specialties.

All Green Crescent translators are pre-screened and selected because of their manifest skill in the source language as well as their complete mastery of the target language. Except in very unusual circumstances, all Green Crescent translators translate into the language in which they were brought up and/or educated. Beyond that, through contacts all over the world with prominent business and academic institutions, Green Crescent can identify persons with expertise in narrowly-defined technical fields. Working with our translation project managers, we can ensure that the technical knowledge of the experts will inform the translation project being undertaken.

If the client already has established a preferred lexicon of technical terms, either in written or in electronic form, we can absorb that guidance into the process to generate a product uniquely suited to the client's own pre-defined requirements.

The Proof is our Repeat Clients.

Green Crescent Translations has completed hundreds of technical texts and manuals for some of the world´s most recognizable firms in dozens of languages. We go the extra mile to retain long-term relationships and offer discounts to repeat clients.

Examples of Technical Translations:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Defense
  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Software
  • Telecommunications
  • User manuals