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Green Crescent is a professional language provider specializing in French translation. We offer document translation services in such diverse areas as business, legal, medical, technical, financial, scientific, government, engineering, software, gaming, and IT just to name a few. We also perform related services in desk top publishing, graphic design, transcription, copywriting, as well as website localization. We can also perform translations in non-English language pairs.

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Educated, professional linguistic specialists translating into their native language. All Green Crescent linguists work exclusively in their mother tongues to ensure the highest level of quality and authenticity - no machine translations, ever.

Quick Facts

Spoken by about 77 million native speakers around the globe known as Francophones, French is the planet's 11th most popular language and one of its most important. In addition, some 130 million speak it as a second language. It is a global lingua franca employed by numerous international communities and organizations including the United Nations and the European Union to name just two.

French is widely spoken in Africa, the Caribbean, and is widely used in Canada, where it is the official language of Quebec. It is, of course, the mother tongue of France where there is considerable debate concerning its future in the face of the creeping influence and mixing of English (called "franglais") - something particularly prevalent in international business, the sciences, and popular culture. Laws have been enacted requiring that all printed ads and billboards utilizing foreign expressions must include a French translation. Other laws have called for quotas for songs on the radio.

L'Académie française, established in 1635 by Cardinal Richelieu during the reign of Louis XIII, is considered the preeminent body in matters pertaining to the language.

Our experience with French dates to 2003 when it was among the first languages we offered as a service provider and one in which we have an extraordinary depth of expertise.

Canadian French Translation

French is spoken by some 7 million Canadians or about 20% of the national population and is one of the two official languages of Canada, is a dialect of the French language widely spoken in Canada. Also commonly referred to as Quebec French, the term should also be understood to include Acadian French, Métis French, and a number of less prominent dialects. It is the sole official language of Quebec and co-official along with English in the province of New Brunswick and the territories of Nunavut, Yukon, and Northwest Territories.

Canadian French has origins in the era of French colonization during which it began to diverge from European French and develop its own pronunciation and vocabulary. Canadian French is also notable for its relatively large number of Anglicisms.

While Canadian French and the Metropolitan French of France are completely intelligible, the differences with respect to vocabulary usage are significant to the point that Canadian French would not be optimal for a target audience in France.

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French is one of the world's major languages and one if it's most refined. The French take great pride in their mother tongue and are among the world's most discerning readers. If you require a high-quality French translation, let Green Crescent assist you. We specialize in all varieties from the banks of Paris to Quebec.

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