Terms & Conditions

  1. Green Crescent provides translation, transcription, website localization, desktop publishing, project management, website design and development and related language services to its clients for agreed upon fees. Changes taking place after a project has begun may require additional fees and extended delivery times.
  2. Unless provided with a preferred, specific list of terms/glossary to use to perform our language services, Green Crescent will translate specialized terms by their usual and conventional meanings, and otherwise make decisions based on our standard operating procedures.
  3. All source material should be delivered to Green Crescent in agreed upon format(s) in the agreed upon time frame. Green Crescent is not responsible for delays that result from the failure to deliver materials on time and/or in agreed upon formats. Materials submitted in non-electronically editable formats, such as paper copies or scanned images or equivalent, often require additional transcription or formatting fees and, in as much, take longer and cost more to produce. Green Crescent will perform simple formatting at no charge. Charges for more extensive or specialized formatting, desktop publishing, or typesetting will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Any additional fees will be discussed with clients prior to execution.
  4. Any and all modifications, additions, or changes of any type to source materials should be submitted to Green Crescent in the context of the original source material clearly indicating all changes and where they occur in relation to the previously submitted materials. Costs and turn around time for the incorporation of additional materials and/or modifications to source materials will be determined on a case-by-case basis. If modifications are not tracked, additional hourly rates may apply beyond originally quoted cost per word. All such charges will be discussed with clients prior to execution.
  5. Green Crescent will correct any mistranslations, omissions, typos, grammatical mistakes, and non-adherence to any approved list of terms submitted free of charge. This does not include subjective issues of style, word choice or turn of phrase. Our clients hereby agree that Green Crescent is under no obligation to correct errors or omissions unless Green Crescent receives written notification of the same within fifteen (15) days of delivery. Any errors submitted for correction thereafter will be addressed at the sole discretion of the project manager. Green Crescent must be given a reasonable time to correct any such errors.
  6. Delivery dates are valid only when confirmed by Green Crescent in writing. An estimate of the turn around time should not be construed a guaranteed delivery date. In the event that a delay in delivery takes place, Green Crescent will be granted a reasonable additional period for completion automatically. Only upon expiration of this additional period without completion will the customer be entitled to demand cancellation of the contract or a reduction in the previously agreed upon price. Any further claims are excluded. The client remains liable for payment for the work performed by Green Crescent up to the time of the client's notice of cancellation. The client will not be entitled to claim cancellation or reduction if the delay is due to circumstances over which Green Crescent has no control. A job is considered delivered when Green Crescent emails it, emails a notification that it has been uploaded to the Green Crescent servers and is ready for download, or sends written notice of the same to a client’s listed business address.
  7. Green Crescent will not be responsible for any loss or damage to, or for the return of, any source materials unless expressly agreed.
  8. Our clients hereby affirm that they are the rightful owner or licensee of the source materials and all of its components and that translation of the source material and publication, distribution, sale or other use of such materials will not infringe upon the legal rights of any third party.
  9. Green Crescent represents and warrants that it will perform its services in a manner consistent with standard operating procedures used through the industry by language professionals. Translation is not a commodity and is often subjective; Green Crescent is not obligated to make modifications regarding style, dialect, word choice, turn of phrase or other subjective elements, as these do not constitute errors or mistranslations.
  10. Green Crescent promises to deliver an objectively high-quality translation that is a reflection of the original source text. It must be understood that a translation is only as good as its source text. We cannot guarantee that a text will be appropriate, once translated, for a client's target audience.
  11. Payment methods will be in accordance with the terms of written arrangement expressed in these terms, elsewhere on this website, or in written communications. If the client is late in making payment, Green Crescent is entitled to charge interest at the rate of 8% per month in whole or in part until the entire amount due is received. The client alone is liable for payment and cannot pass these responsibilities onto a third party without written approval of Green Crescent. If Green Crescent needs professional collection assistance in order to collect a payment from the client, the client hereby agrees to be responsible for the full cost associated with the collection of any debt plus an additional administration fee of $1,000 USD to compensate Green Crescent for administrative time required to pursue delinquent payments. Green Crescent is entitled to take any legal means required to settle debts. Clients hereby agree not to chargeback any payments made by credit card. Clients agree that failure to abide by this agreement will result in a penalty of $1,000 USD plus 8% of the above total per month for each day that said payments remain unavailable in addition to reimbursement of the total amount of any chargeback plus any and all costs required in the collection of said payment.
  12. All clients will hold Green Crescent, its owners, directors, officers, employees, representatives, agents, successors, collaborators, and contractual assistants, whether staff or freelance, as well as all other parties associated with our business harmless from and against any and all losses or damages of any type associated with this agreement or the services that we provide. In no event will Green Crescent be liable for any damages of any type arising out of the use of our services including, but not limited to, missed deadlines or an unsatisfactory language product beyond the cost of the language product.
  13. All access to the Green Crescent (http://www.greentranslations.com) website and its contents is provided "as is." Any other use of materials on this website without the prior written permission is prohibited. All rights are reserved with respect to content appearing on this website. Green Crescent does not assume any responsibility or liability for any communications or materials available at any website to which it links.
  14. It is hereby agreed that the laws of the State of Nevada enforce this agreement and that the State of Nevada shall have sole jurisdiction in any dispute arising from this agreement.
  15. If any provision of this agreement is held to be invalid, such invalidity shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision of this agreement.
  16. All notices to the client shall be deemed served upon contacting the client using any contact information obtained during the course of business communication including fax and telephone numbers email addresses, and mailing addresses.
  17. It is agreed that the execution of these terms are automatic by virtue use of any our services and need not be explicitly communicated in writing though if required by Green Crescent Translation, these terms can be agreed to by any electronic means, including but not limited to telephone, fax, mail delivery service, electronic mail and by checking an internet check box on our website during the course of placing an order. Notarization or signatures shall not be necessary to execute this agreement.
  18. Green Crescent reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
  19. The foregoing terms, including any attachments incorporated by reference, constitutes the entire agreement between Green Crescent and its clients unless superseded by written contract. Clients acknowledge that they have read and understood this agreement prior to placing an order.