Language Services

Document Translation Services
Green Crescent Translations is the perfect solution for document translation of all varieties including translation of manuals, handbooks certificates, diplomas, transcripts, wills, and much much more. Professional, prompt and confidential translation services in more than 100 languages.
Medical Translation Services
Medical translations must be 100% precise and require extensive research and careful language vetting. If you have a need of medical translation services, Green Crescent's elite group of linguists with specialized backgrounds in both the medical field as well as translation stand ready to assist you.
Legal Translation Services
Translations of legal documents are required for many different reasons. Often the translation must be accompanied by a sworn affidavit of the translator, certified by foreign authorities so as to be considered valid in the procedure for which it is required. If you require a legal translation, Green Crescent can help.
Language Translation Services
Green Crescent is the perfect solution for organizations with a need to communicate effectively in multiple languages yet find the cost of employing in-house translators inefficient. Green Crescent project managers can provide cost-effective, optimal solutions for all your translation needs.
Website Translation & Localization
As experts in both website development, design, and translation services, Green Crescent can localize your website into any language, down to the URLs, buttons, and metatags. We're also expert at redesigning websites so that they are seamlessly multilingual.
Interpretation Services
Green Crescent currently offers high-quality services in remote, live English/Spanish simultaneous interpretation (SI), consecutive interpreting (CI), conference, judicial and medical interpretation services. We do not offer on-site interpreters available at this time in any language.
Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services
Desktop Publishing, often referred to simply as "DTP," is the generic term for computer-assisted document preparation, especially with a view towards generating a professional-grade final product that can be given to a printing company for offset reproduction or published in electronic format. DTP requires both a good eye for design as well as technical knowledge of industry standard software such as InDesign, Quark, Publisher, Illustrator, Microsoft Office and Photoshop to name a few. Green Crescent is expert at taking your source files and localizing them for non-English languages.
transcription services teaser
Transcription is the process of inputting data in one format (whether that be written, audio, video, or other electronic format) and outputting it into another, normally a more manageable electronic format, most typically a written transcript. Green Crescent offers limited services in the transcription of non-english languages. Please inquire for details.
Government Translation Services
Green Crescent is proud to provide high-quality secure and confidential services for governments around the world. We have long experience with procurement requirements and generally meet any need, including translations that require special clearance.
Technical Translation Services
Because of the discipline imposed by highly precise translation, Green Crescent works with translators who are not only experienced linguists, but also educated and knowledgeable in the subject matter in question. Additional language vetting and the creating of technical glossaries are often required.
Business Translation Services
Green Crescent specializes in translations for businesses including employee handbooks, contracts, business letters and memos, emails, business cards, patents and all varieties of document translation - quick quotes, high-quality translations, great rates, and hassle-free services for business people on the go. You can get a project started in minutes.
Copywriting Services
Green Crescent offers creative, high-quality services in copywriting and technical writing for English and non-English speaking markets in all facets of business and marketing and especially great original content for web-publishers.