Medical Translation

Medical translations must be 100% precise and require extensive research and careful language vetting. If you have a need of medical translation services, Green Crescent's elite group of linguists with specialized backgrounds in both the medical field as well as translation stand ready to assist you.

What is Meant by Medical Translation?

Translations of medical documents are required for many different reasons relating to patient care, insurance, medical research, public health, and the control of disease worldwide. Additionally, pharmacological information must be clearly translated into many different languages, for understanding by practitioners and patients alike.

What do Medical Translations Entail?

The most common translations relate to patient records, patient consent forms and physician reports and charts. The second most common application is pharmaceutical research and reports. Green Crescent Translations is also frequently called upon to translate research papers for presentation in international forums, or journal articles. But medical translations can also entail more informal documents, including handwritten notes, emails, notices, promotional literature and letters.

How Are Medical Translations Performed?

It is essential to employ only translators with medical training in the target language and culture. The project manager maintains close coordination with the medical translators, and in cases of doubt, consults more than one source for the translation of uncommon concepts or terminology.

Usually, Green Crescent Translations has existing relationships with medical professionals in the target language, so that the most difficult aspect of the project -- locating a qualified expert - has already been accomplished. This permits clients to receive both quotes and finished product quickly.

Security and Confidentiality

Green Crescent maintains strict and enforceable confidentiality commitments with all its translators to protect the medical confidentiality of the patient or researcher, as the case may be. (Virtually all countries recognize that delivery of documents for translation does not destroy the medical communication privilege if it is not otherwise breached). Additionally, Green Crescent works with only fully certified and credentialed translators, who have been subject to security checks in most cases.