Transcription Services

In its simplest form, transcription means taking data in one format (whether that be paper, audio, video, or other electronic format, and putting into another, normally a more manageable electronic format. Medical transcription and legal transcription are two common varieties.

There are several notable advantages to transcribing you company's data:

  • Transcribed data offers the security of an additional copy of the original.
  • Transcribed data is more legible.
  • Transcribed data can be searched using complex databases or even with free
    desktop search software.
  • Transcribed data can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Large amounts of data can be stored in a small amount of space.
  • It is more cost effective to store large amounts of electronic data than
    paper notes.

Transcription is customarily divided into units of audio hour for audio files and priced on a per word basis for changes in written formats). Rates for transcription vary greatly (from $0.04 to $0.12 USD per source word or $50 to $300 USD or more per audio hour) according to several variables:

  • Clarity of the audio or text files.
  • Number or speakers in an audio file and/or density.
  • Source language.
  • File format.
  • Time scaling and special equipment or software requirements.
  • Archiving (if required).
  • Turn around time.

It is important not to confuse transcription with translation. Transcription is a change in format while translation is a change in language. Most Green Crescent clients typically require both. Best practice involves first transcribing the text or audio into a translation friendly format such as MS Word. Once in the appropriate format, the text can then be translated in accordance with our translation rates (on a cost per source word basis).

Green Crescent Services

Transcription is the process of inputting data in one format (whether that be written, audio, video, or other electronic format) and outputting it into another, normally a more manageable electronic format, most typically a written transcript. Green Crescent offers limited services in the transcription of non-english languages. Please inquire for details.