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Green Crescent is a professional language provider specializing in Twi translation. We offer document translation services in such diverse areas as business, legal, medical, technical, financial, scientific, government, engineering, software, gaming, and IT just to name a few. We also perform related services in desk top publishing, graphic design, transcription, copywriting, as well as website localization. We can also perform translations in non-English language pairs.

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Educated, professional linguistic specialists translating into their native language. All Green Crescent linguists work exclusively in their mother tongues to ensure the highest level of quality and authenticity - no machine translations, ever.

Quick Facts

Twi is also known as Twi-Fante and Akan. It is the main language of the African state of Ghana, mainly concentrated in the southern part of the country and west to Ivory Coast. About 40% of the population speak Twi, representing 19 million speakers. Dialects of the language include Asante, Akuapem or Twi, and Fante. They are mutually intelligible when spoken, but use different systems of writing. Since 1978, a standard writing system for Akan was established, and that is taught in the schools. This orthography contains approximately 20,000 words. Twi was exported to the Western Hemisphere in the days of slave trade. Vestiges of the language can still be found in Surinam and Jamaica.

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